Welcome to the Sexyloopers' Members Area. Initially this section was launched with some ideas that never managed to materialise, apart from one: Operation Fluff. Operation Fluff wasn't just about kinky sex, no it was much more than that: it was in fact my working flybox. Of course it was only my working flybox for about five minutes and then I had to add to it. But even then it only lasted about six months until someone stole it [The thief of course died a very unfortunate and horrible death when his belt buckle got trapped in an electric drill, but that's karma for you]. Anyway, after Operation Fluff, I began a new operation, one so secret that I've since forgotten its name. What it entailed was carrying all my flytying kit in one one-litre box and tying flies as I fished.

It sounded very romantic at the time, but I got caught out on Mystery Lake X during a hatch and failed miserably. So there's a lesson for you. Since then I've lost two more flyboxes and life has sucked. However, all this gives me a new opportunity: Operation re-Fluff - not just kinky sex either, although there will be Tinsel involved. Rather, this will be a sort of Sexyloops' Fly Blog. Hell, we may even use blogging software - if we can work out how to install it.

It's not true that I don't have any flies at the moment. I just don't have any of my flies. And although some will think this is a good thing, it isn't. So I'm going to completely rebuild my box from nothing, while I travel and fish. And every time I add a pattern to my box, I'll add it here. Exciting isn't it?

I'm fishing a Candian lake tomorrow, so I'll be tying damsels, buzzers and emergers tonight.



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