Black buzzer.

What a great fly to start with, as you can see this section's going to be great; definitely the best yet. It looks like I know what I'm doing (for once) and the flytying is superb. This is a black buzzer. It's tied with seal's fur (road kill of course) and it does very well for me in April. You can get some pretty big buzzers hatching in April and this should be tied in a 12 or even a 10.

The advantage of seal's fur is (a) fish like to get their own back and (b) it sinks slowly, unlike glues for example, which sink quickly, or suspenders, which don't sink at all (when you tie them right).

Just think, you have 100 of these to come...

Tying instructions:
Take a size 10 or 12 hook, squash down the barb, dub some black seal (perhaps with a little red mixed in, cos that's sexy), wind it on and rib it.


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