Yeah I know, there's a hell of a lot of lures here. I sat down and worked out the required flies - the ones I just couldn't do without - and this is what I came up with. Sure, like just about everyone else I know I catch 90% of my fish on insect imitations but many insect patterns make the transition between stillwaters and rivers. Lures don't fare so well, and there are times when you need a correctly weighted lure that behaves correctly. Well that's what I find.

There are certainly shortcomings here, I guess this box - which is my current working flybox incidentally - will change, especially after a season or two in the US. But probably not by very much. If anything I hope it becomes tighter; more direct.

And I've missed a fly - I missed the adult damsel. Why I missed the adult damsel I cannot say. But I have and when I get a chance I'll add it to the collection. If anything new comes along you'll be the first to hear it.

I've sequenced these in the way that I first compiled the list, mainly because I think that's interesting. There are of course numerous ways of reindexing the collection, and I'll think about applying different filters as the opportunity arises. If you're interested, I started off with stillwater fishing in April, started working my way through the season, began adding specific river patterns and finished off with the weird patterns I forgot in the first place. Not sure if that means anything; you can draw your own conclusions... I have.


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